Air Tightness & Thermal Performance


Air Tightness
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The phrase 'Airtightness' often conjures up the image of an uncomfortable, stuffy, sealed space with no circulation of air! The reality is that airtightness refers to the minimisation of draughts into the house and warm air leakages out of a house. Effective ventilation is an essential part of a healthy living space; however air leakage or a constant draught is most certainly not. The key is to 'build tight and ventilate right'.


Improved Thermal Performance

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Air gaps in the external envelope have a considerable negative influence on the insulation. This is due to the fact that warm or cold air is escaping through leaks in the building's envelope, and as it passes through the structure and insulation, it reduces the thermal performance by extracting the stored energy within. An airtight external envelope does not only provide protection against cold in winter but also against heat in summer.