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Air Tight Insulation System - Installation Process

> SIP's team start by fitting the air tight membrane to all surfaces, taping all overlaps and joins, and sealing the membrane to the plastered block walls or concrete floors.

    > All surfaces are now ready to be counter-batten. This area acts as a service cavity while also securing the air tight membrane in place during the high pressure pumping of the cellulose fibre.

    >A small hole is penetrated in the membrane and Cosycell fibre insulation is turbo filled to a density of >60kgm3. Each section is pumped and longer sections are pumped twice or three times until all areas are densely compacted.

    > All work can be easily inspected through the injection holes before they are re-sealed or by tapping the membrane and feeling the compaction behind it.

    >Semi rigid slabs of insulation can also be fitted within the service cavity once all other tradesmen are finished if required. This will further advance the u-value of the structure and hence the Building Energy Rating.

    >At this stage the homeowner/building contractor usually employees a third party to complete a 'Blow Door Test' on the structure. SIP's guarantees a maximum rating of 1.5 air changes per hour on all of its work and normally the rating is better than this again. We also have no problem with being on-site during the test to correct any problems that might arise.

Air Tight


Benefits of Air Tight System

• Save Energy

• Improved Thermal Performance

• Improved Air Quality

• Better your energy Rating