External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a system widely recognized across Europe and Scandinavia for insulating new and existing buildings. If your house has solid stone or cavity block external walls you must externally insulate or internally dry-line to efficiently insulate. A partial fill cavity block insulation is completely ineffective. Any cold, un-insulated spots and all your heat will escape. SIP's Cosy-Wrap system is the most practical and cost-effective method to insulate. It will return up to 40% savings on your energy costs for the life time of your house.

Cosy Wrap - Installation Process

The external surface of the house is prepared. Everything is removed from the walls including downpipes, signs, hanging baskets, etc. Window and door reveals are cut back where necessary and the walls are power washed if any dirt or growth is visible.

Window cills are extended by casting a concrete extension or fitting a lightweight insulated extension to the end of them.

A rigid insulation board is fixed to the external surface of the wall with a special mechanical fixing to eliminate cold-bridging. (Cosy-Wrap will work with any external finishes).

The wall is then given one coat of a high grade flexible adhesive which binds all the insulation boards together. A reinforced mesh cloth is rubbed into this adhesive coat while it is still wet. This gives the new façade its strength to withstand and impacts or collisions it might receive. The mesh cloth is doubled up at all stress points i.e. window and door heads, construction cracks, etc.

Another coat of adhesive is plastered on to cover the mesh cloth and gives the wall its smooth finish.

The new façade is now ready for its pre coloured acrylic finish. The customer can pick from over 250 colours which are all guarantee for a minimum of 10 years. The acrylic coat finishes like a standard napped plaster finish.



Benefits of Cosy-Wrap

• Save Energy

• Improved Thermal Performance

• New and existing houses

• Better your energy Rating