Internal Insulation

If you're serious about insulating, and your house isn't of Cavity wall construction well then you must externally insulate or Internally Dry-Lining. If you have an external fa├žade which you wouldn't like to alter or if work on the external of the house might require planning permission, then Cosy-Seal Internal Insulation is for you.

Internal Wall Insulation

The insides of all external walls are prepared by removing radiators, skirting board, architrave, window boards, etc.

A high density rigid insulated slab is mechanically fixed to the wall. The thickness of this slab will depend on the walls of the house and achieving the required u-value.

All joints are taped and prepared for plastering.

Once plastering is complete and has dried for a number of days, radiators, skirting and architrave are re-fitted.

Your Internal Insulation work is now complete and you must paint/wallpaper your walls to bring then back into the decor of the room.