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Open Blown - Installation Process

> Any attic or loft of a new or existing house can be blown with Cosycell fibre to whatever depth require.

> Firstly, the attic is inspected to ensure there is adequate ventilation in the roof space and all down lighters are covered.

> If access is required at a later stage to tanks, heat recovery systems, etc, a raise platform is installed to ensure the insulation is not compressed.

> The attic is now ready and Cosycell is loosely blown to a level of 10% above the agreed depth. The installer will ensure that the insulation is level throughout the attic.

> Within the first week Cosycell will settle by an average of 5%-8% and lightly bind together as it is a fibrous material. Once this initial settlement is complete SIP's guarantee that there will be no further settlement over the insulations lifetime.

Open Blown


Benefits of Open Blown

• Save Energy

• Improved Thermal Performance

• New and existing houses

• Better your energy Rating