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SIP's Parpac Insulation System- Installation Process

> SIP's Parpac Insulation system is very similar to that of the air tight system however in place of the air tight membrane we use a builder's film or hessian material. 

> SIP's team start by fitting the builder's film or hessian material to all surfaces i.e timber framed walls, ceiling joists and sloping rafters.

> A small hole is penetrated in the hessian and cellulose fibre insulation is turbo filled to a density of >60kgm3. Each section is pumped and longer sections are pumped twice or three times until all areas are densely compacted. 

> All work can be easily inspected as the hessian is translucent. Injection holes are taped over and the building is cleaned.

> This is the perfect system for those people who are not aiming for a completely sealed external envelope but would rather achieve a very high level of air tightness with Cosycell cellulose fibre.

> On average the parpac system works out 20% cheaper than the Air tight system as you do not face the added costs of expensive air tight membranes and tapes (i.e Siga, Intello or Isover products)

Parpac System


Benefits of Parpac System

• Save Energy

• Improved Thermal Performance

• Reduce Costs

• Faster installation time