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Turbo Fill Injection - Installation Process

> Turbo fill Injection is slightly different as an internal sheathing board has already been fitted by the builder/homer owner.

> SIP's team start by coring a 100mm hole into each stud in the building ensuring the complete external envelope can be accessed without any obstruction.

> A specially designed turbo fill nozzle is inserted into the one hole at a time and Cosycell is injected to the required density which is set on the machine.

> All work can be easily inspected through the injection holes before they are re-sealed with an air tight tape.

> All excess material is gathered up off the floor and the building is clean. The job is now complete.

Turbo Fill Injection


Benefits of Turbo Fill Injection

• Save Energy

• Improved Thermal Performance

• Reduce Costs

• Faster installation time